Xenophontis quae exstant opera

Colloquium on Xenophon, December 2019

COLLOQUIUM JENOFONTE, Paris December 4 (9.30) «Xenophon’s Treatise on Equestrian Art: Otherness or Modernity? » The World Horse Library (University-MRSH of Caen) will present on December 4 in Paris, a colloquium on the work of Xenophon, studied and commented on by Alexandre Blaineau at based on the work he published with Actes Sud in 2011: […]

À travers Paris — Crafty

Traffic jams, a very old shame

You might think that the transit code appeared with the arrival of the car, as well as them discomfort at having to share the road. Riders, four-horse carriages, bicycles and motor vehicles drove through the streets together, at the cost of many accidents, such as the one that cost the life of physicist Pierre Curie, […]

Equidays 2019 - Caen

The Library is in the “Equidays”

We will be present in the itinerant town of the “Équidays” (October 23-27, 2019). East famous event, organized by the department of Calvados, will be a great horse festival in the entire province, including a mobile town and about forty activities such as races, discoveries, encounters, horse shows, hiking, sales, open houses, etc. A link […]

Flower — Bits bearing reins — 1885

Inappropriate harness and reins

Englishman Edward Fordham Flower (1805-1883), pensioner of the brewery and great lover of horses, he took his pen to denounce the nefarious uses of the implements used in the carriages. The campaign was a real success as its brochure was published at least seven times in the course of ten years. The defense of animal […]