Delton - Fillis

The equestrian photographs of the Deltons

We know the famous photo of James Fillis galloping on his back, or that of Blanche Allarty as a horsewoman, doing a school jump. These images were immortalized by Delton. Louis-Jean Delton Sr., a former cavalry officer, was a pioneer of equestrian photography. Thanks to him, the golden age of 19th century equestrian Paris was […]


Lafosse’s horse medicine in color

If we are to believe General Mennessier de la Lance, we owe Lafosse junior (1738-1820) a “true monument to the global study of the horse”. His Cours d’Hippiatrique ou Traité complet de la Médecine des Chevaux (Course in Horse Medicine or Complete Treatise on Hipiatry), published in 1772, cost the author a fortune estimated at […]

Histoire générale des animaux, des végétaux et des minéraux.

The beliefs of Mr. Tupputi

Domenico Tupputi (1763-1838) was one of the last people to believe in the existence of the “jumart”, a chimerical hybrid less famous than the unicorn, product of the crossing of a bull with a mare or a donkey. At the beginning of the 19th century, the Neapolitan agronomist, a refugee in France, wrote a book […]