Updates and developments

The database is progressively enriched with new data sets, processed and integrated in successive batches. The data is in xml-ead and xml-tei format, after a phase of alignment with existing data and enrichment according to authority records (Rameau, VIAF, SUDOC, IdRef, etc.). Here are the main evolutions of the successive versions of the World Horse […]


Theft of Dürer’s research

The summer of 1528 in Nuremberg was especially turbulent. The city was still in mourning for its great artist, Albrecht Dürer, who passed away in the spring. After his death, a little master engraver named Hans Sebald Beham published a ten-page booklet on the ideal proportions of the horse. The Nuremberg Council had it seized […]


The races, from today to yesterday…

Like many other sectors, horse racing has also been affected by the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus. Racetracks have been closed and therefore both trot and gallop racing programs have been suspended, training centers have been reduced and stables have been confined until May 11, 2020. The main consequence is the cessation of betting on […]

The timeless book of Max. E. Ammann

Regretting the continuation … The confinement linked to Covid 19 will have stopped the exercise of equestrian sports, whatever the disciplines developed and controlled by the IEF (International Equestrian Federation) for several months. An opportunity to get closer to what they were, to go back in time to the origin, that is, from the Dublin […]