Manège et équitation, Diderot, Encyclopédie

Plates from the Encyclopedia

Symbol of the philosophy of the Enlightenment, the generous work initiated by Diderot and D’Alembert consists of 28 volumes, 11 of which are dedicated to engraved plates. Of course, the horse is present in all its forms. Cross-cutting theme par excellence, Mennessier de la Lance also gave some advice to consult the Encyclopedia correctly: “The […]


And for the young ones?

Many generations have dreamed of galloping through the Camargue region on Albert Lamorisse’s White Mane or living the adventures of Walter Farley’s Black Stallion. Children’s literature has been enriched with new stars to also satisfy the wishes of girls like Bonnie Bryan or Lauren Brooke: friendship with their horses or their friends from the pony […]

Volte carrée - La Guérinière

The Quadrature of the circle

The square circle is a perfect oxymoron, which is very useful to riders. This roundabout figure combines circular displacement with straight lines that make up a square. The rider draws a square by running a quarter turn with the waist to turn at each angle and go back to the next angle. When it is […]