Stendhal, a horseman?

Did you know? The author of The Charterhouse of Parma and of The Red and the Black would have been a great horse aficionado, if we believe the essay written by the Count De Comminges. This ancient French cavalry official and prolific author of books on horses devoted almost sixty pages to try to answer […]

Nemrod de Charles-James Apperley

Self-editing, an old recipe

The resumption of literary activities 2018 was shaken by the presence of a self-published book in the first selection of the prestigious Renaudot prize. This news unleashed the wrath of booksellers who have seen that option as a disturbing signal to the future of the book world. The profession fears content production that would be […]

Caran d'Ache in À cheval — Baron de Vaux

The use of pseudonyms

The use of a pseudonym responds to many more reasons than we think. For example, an artist seeks out with his borrowed name, poetry that his original or real name does not have. Caran d’Ache cartoons, which means pencil in Russian, possibly would have been less successful if their creator had signed Emmanuel Poiré. Likewise, […]