Cadre Noir de Saumur

French horsemanship, world heritage

In 2011, the French traditional horsemanship was inscribed on the representative list of the intangible heritage of humanity. This file led by the team of horsemen Cadre Noir of the city of Saumur, is the fruit of a work of analysis and synthesis of the methods of horsemanship to find the common denominator of the […]

Flower — Bits bearing reins — 1885

Inappropriate harness and reins

Englishman Edward Fordham Flower (1805-1883), pensioner of the brewery and great lover of horses, he took his pen to denounce the nefarious uses of the implements used in the carriages. The campaign was a real success as its brochure was published at least seven times in the course of ten years. The defense of animal […]