L'Adoration des mages de Léonard de Vinci - Réflectographie infrarouge

Leonardo’s horses

The beautiful exhibition dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci by the Louvre Museum contains a large number of drawings of horses. This exceptional draughtsman gives life to his animals in each stroke, in the sense of proportion and movement, the perception of light, the delicacy of gesture. The infrared reflection of the work “The Adoration of […]


Theft of Dürer’s research

The summer of 1528 in Nuremberg was especially turbulent. The city was still in mourning for its great artist, Albrecht Dürer, who passed away in the spring. After his death, a little master engraver named Hans Sebald Beham published a ten-page booklet on the ideal proportions of the horse. The Nuremberg Council had it seized […]