La voix des animaux_Louis_Baillet

Screams and neighs

In the cinema, as soon as a horse enters the scene, its appearance is usually accompanied by a stereotypical neigh. However, as a prey animal, it does not neigh as much as the cinema would have us believe. If we humans have developed a communication made up of 80% verbal elements and 20% gestures, the […]


The Chronicles of the Baron de Vaux

A polygraph of the world, Baron de Vaux (1843-1915) published many beautifully illustrated works that are a collector’s delight. This former cavalry officer served under General l’Hotte before becoming a journalist and sports writer. Mennessier reminds us that “in 1860 he voluntarily enlisted in the Sixth Regiment of Lancers, in 1863 he passed to Saumur […]

James Fillis sur Germinal au galop arrière

The photo of the “back gallop”

At the end of the 19th century, photographer Delton had immortalized James Fillis in Germinal’s saddle with this unique march. The English rider had arrived in France very young. He performed in the Champs-Elysees circus under Franconi’s direction before being appointed chief squire of the Saint Petersburg Cavalry Officers Enforcement School in 1898. At that […]


Aubert, The squire of the ladies

His Treatise on Horsemanship, published in 1836, which Monteilhet called “remarkable, complete, adjusted and which, both for its good classicism and for its thoroughness, occupies a happy middle ground between that of La Guérinière and that of Steinbrecht“, included, in addition to the text, a very useful atlas of plates. Thanks to the experience gained […]