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Traffic jams, a very old shame

You might think that the transit code appeared with the arrival of the car, as well as them discomfort at having to share the road. Riders, four-horse carriages, bicycles and motor vehicles drove through the streets together, at the cost of many accidents, such as the one that cost the life of physicist Pierre Curie, […]

La voix des animaux_Louis_Baillet

Screams and neighs

In the cinema, as soon as a horse enters the scene, its appearance is usually accompanied by a stereotypical neigh. However, as a prey animal, it does not neigh as much as the cinema would have us believe. If we humans have developed a communication made up of 80% verbal elements and 20% gestures, the […]

Manège et équitation, Diderot, Encyclopédie

Plates from the Encyclopedia

Symbol of the philosophy of the Enlightenment, the generous work initiated by Diderot and D’Alembert consists of 28 volumes, 11 of which are dedicated to engraved plates. Of course, the horse is present in all its forms. Cross-cutting theme par excellence, Mennessier de la Lance also gave some advice to consult the Encyclopedia correctly: “The […]

J.-B. Huzard (père)

The veterin, a question of vocabulary

The use of words sometimes leads to arguments when trying to satisfy the demands of a part of society. Until recently, the feminization of the names of the works, although it has not yet been decided by the French Academy, has elicited many comments and prejudices, compromised or outraged, but everyone is free to use […]


The Chronicles of the Baron de Vaux

A polygraph of the world, Baron de Vaux (1843-1915) published many beautifully illustrated works that are a collector’s delight. This former cavalry officer served under General l’Hotte before becoming a journalist and sports writer. Mennessier reminds us that “in 1860 he voluntarily enlisted in the Sixth Regiment of Lancers, in 1863 he passed to Saumur […]