Equidays 2019 - Caen

The Library is in the “Equidays”

We will be present in the itinerant town of the “Équidays” (October 23-27, 2019). East famous event, organized by the department of Calvados, will be a great horse festival in the entire province, including a mobile town and about forty activities such as races, discoveries, encounters, horse shows, hiking, sales, open houses, etc. A link […]

Lancement Bibliothèque Mondiale du Cheval 27 novembre 2018, Salon du cheval - Marie-Laure Peretti, Xavier Libbrecht, Alexis Gruss. Ph. Claude Bigeon.

Inauguration at the horse fair

On Tuesday, December 27, was the launch of The World Horse Library at the stand of Normandy, in the presence of various personalities of the Region starting with Mme Eudier, Vice President in charge of Agriculture of the office of Governor Hervé Morin. Equally This presentation was followed with attention by Mrs. Cherrier, Regional Councilor […]