Ephrem Houël Inventeur de la science hippique et créateur des premiÚres courses au trot en France

Ephrem Houël tribute in bookstores

The Rocher publishing house has just published a biography of Ephrem HouĂ«l. It is the posthumous fruit of work of the journalist, writer and historian Jean-Pierre Reynaldo, to whom we owe numerous books on the trot such as Le Trotteur français, Le Trotteur americain and Charlie Mills, le cocher des dieux. In 1829, Ephrem HouĂ«l […]


A Jean-Louis Gouraud fund in Deauville

Journalist, writer, globetrotter, declared a pilgrim before the Lord after his Paris-Moscow trip in 1990 “to theTurcomana”, that is, in relief with two horses (Le PĂ©rĂ©grin emerveillĂ©, Actes Sud publishing house, 2012, Renaudot Pocket Prize), Jean-Louis Gourand is a figure of French cultural landscape “of the horse”. Curious, sometimes a little provocative, insatiable and indefatigable, […]


Treatise on Bits by Jehan de Feschal

The term “Bit-Fitting” did not exist at the end of the 15th century. However, riders were already concerned with finding the right bridles for their horses. Although the effectiveness of the action seemed to be much more important than the concern for the welfare of the animals, this was not absent, contrary to what one […]