Delton - Fillis

The equestrian photographs of the Deltons

We know the famous photo of James Fillis galloping on his back, or that of Blanche Allarty as a horsewoman, doing a school jump. These images were immortalized by Delton. Louis-Jean Delton Sr., a former cavalry officer, was a pioneer of equestrian photography. Thanks to him, the golden age of 19th century equestrian Paris was […]

Edward L. Anderson, Modern horsemanship, 1886

Anderson Academic Books

Edward Lowell Anderson (1842-1916) was born in Ohio, studied law and owed his equestrian training to a former French cavalry officer, Joseph Merklen. Because of his knowledge, he was able to produce many highly valued publications that can still be called modern. His judgment on the methods practiced by his fellow citizens was unquestionable: “If […]

James Fillis sur Germinal au galop arrière

The photo of the “back gallop”

At the end of the 19th century, photographer Delton had immortalized James Fillis in Germinal’s saddle with this unique march. The English rider had arrived in France very young. He performed in the Champs-Elysees circus under Franconi’s direction before being appointed chief squire of the Saint Petersburg Cavalry Officers Enforcement School in 1898. At that […]