Ephrem Houël Inventeur de la science hippique et créateur des premières courses au trot en France

Ephrem Houël tribute in bookstores

The Rocher publishing house has just published a biography of Ephrem Houël. It is the posthumous fruit of work of the journalist, writer and historian Jean-Pierre Reynaldo, to whom we owe numerous books on the trot such as Le Trotteur français, Le Trotteur americain and Charlie Mills, le cocher des dieux. In 1829, Ephrem Houël […]

Johan Dejager - Great books on Horsemanship

Johan Dejager left us suddenly

On Wednesday, August 14, 2019, Johan Dejager * died of a myocardial infarction. Head of the textile industry (Osta Carpets), Flemish, passionate about sailing and horse riding, just turned sixty (May 21, 1959). He was the owner of horses, organizer of competitions (Anvers, Waregem) and in recent years he had been passionate about rare and […]

Senofonte- Trattato d'ippica -

Xenophon first of all, by and for Mario Gennero

Mario Gennero, was born in the Turin countryside «on the farm we had draft horses and mules» and he still lives in the Turin suburb of Settino. At seventy-two years old, he is still passionate about literature and books. He is a language teacher, he speaks French, Portuguese and Spanish, but he frowns at the […]