Adolphe Guenon - l'Âme du cheval - 1901

Adolphe Guenon, a precursor of ethology

Adolphe Guenon is still known by donkey and mule lovers for trying to rehabilitate them with “The Intimate Mule” (Châlons-sur-Marne, 1899). This military veterinarian, in fact, has written more widely on animal intelligence and psychology. His first writings were acclaimed and rewarded by the Animal Protective Society. Guenon knew that each cavalry regiment had its […]

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The World Horse Library opens its doors

Since time immemorial the horse has accompanied the development of humanity. He has been seen on roads, hooked and mounted, in the field or in the mine, in the conquest of unknown lands, in hunting, in war and then in the circus, in racetracks, and in carousels… It has been an unbreakable server, without peer. […]