Godolphin_Arabian_Stubb — 1792

The Legend of Godolphin Arabian

The name Godolphin Arabian is related to famous maternal purebred lines of racehorses, such as the famous Eclipse. The undeniable leader was of Bay-brown color, long shoulders and powerful muscles, but lacked grace, according to French observers. This was a gift brought by the Bey of Tunisia around 1730, but Louis XV did not like […]

Le Cheval de Léon Tolstoï

Tolstoi’s Pio Horse

The novel by Leon Tolstoy entitled Холстомер, was originally published in 1885, before being translated into French in 1887 under the title « Story of a Horse ». The author of War and Peace (1869) gives voice to an old horse in the decline of his life. A beautiful trotting specimen of good origins, this […]

Volte carrée - La Guérinière

The Quadrature of the circle

The square circle is a perfect oxymoron, which is very useful to riders. This roundabout figure combines circular displacement with straight lines that make up a square. The rider draws a square by running a quarter turn with the waist to turn at each angle and go back to the next angle. When it is […]