Histoire générale des animaux, des végétaux et des minéraux.

The beliefs of Mr. Tupputi

Domenico Tupputi (1763-1838) was one of the last people to believe in the existence of the “jumart”, a chimerical hybrid less famous than the unicorn, product of the crossing of a bull with a mare or a donkey. At the beginning of the 19th century, the Neapolitan agronomist, a refugee in France, wrote a book […]

The timeless book of Max. E. Ammann

Regretting the continuation … The confinement linked to Covid 19 will have stopped the exercise of equestrian sports, whatever the disciplines developed and controlled by the IEF (International Equestrian Federation) for several months. An opportunity to get closer to what they were, to go back in time to the origin, that is, from the Dublin […]

Karl Krall et ses chevaux savants

Trained horses

Can a horse learn to read and count? Can another consciously pick up a hat at the request of its rider? In the 17th century, Delcampe write about Mauraco and his horseman Pietro who were burned in a public square as a result of such a demonstration. Two centuries later, another horse called public attention […]