Muybridge - chronophotographie

Locomotion and chrono-photography

Since the beginning of time, man has been fascinated by the speed of the horse. The cave paintings are the first testimony of this. The drawings of horses with several legs on the rocky walls of the caves should be animated by the reflection of the flickering flames of an oil lamp. The paroxysm of […]

Musée Fragonard — Enva

The Fragonard Museum, a journey through time

The national school of Alfort hides an impressive museum. Created by Claude Bourgelat, founder of the first veterinary schools in the world, it would be one of the oldest museums in France (1766). It is a kind of natural history office, where teachers came to borrow the elements to teach in their classes. There are […]

The unicorn, a fable horse?

That white horse, endowed with a horn in the middle of his forehead, makes rivers of ink flow since the Middle Ages. Naturalists of the seventeenth century believed firmly in their existence, as Bartholin recounted it, in 1645, in the Unicornu Observationes novae. It was time to wait until the beginning of the 19th century […]

Emile Decroix

A universal horse tongue

In the 19th century, the veterinarian Émile-François Decroix was an important militant of animal welfare. He wanted to create a kind of phonetic language to communicate with horses. He had conceived the great principles, which he presented at an international congress of animal protection societies. As paradoxical as it may sound today, he dedicated himself […]

Black Beauty, Anna Sewell

Black Beauty, a 141-year-old horse

Black Beauty, is the only novel by the English writer Anna Sewell. Since she could not walk without crutches, this young woman toured England and Europe in carriages. This aroused a great passion for horses. When her health problems increased and she had to lead a sedentary life, she found comfort in writing. It took […]