Xenophontis quae exstant opera

Colloquium on Xenophon, December 2019

COLLOQUIUM JENOFONTE, Paris December 4 (9.30) «Xenophon’s Treatise on Equestrian Art: Otherness or Modernity? » The World Horse Library (University-MRSH of Caen) will present on December 4 in Paris, a colloquium on the work of Xenophon, studied and commented on by Alexandre Blaineau at based on the work he published with Actes Sud in 2011: […]

Senofonte- Trattato d'ippica -

Xenophon first of all, by and for Mario Gennero

Mario Gennero, was born in the Turin countryside «on the farm we had draft horses and mules» and he still lives in the Turin suburb of Settino. At seventy-two years old, he is still passionate about literature and books. He is a language teacher, he speaks French, Portuguese and Spanish, but he frowns at the […]