What do we find in the library?
The database is gradually enriched with new data sets regularly: its perimeter.

A presentation booklet is available here.

How to perform a search to find books?
Access to the database, as well as digitized books, is done from three “Search” links:


Advanced search

Search by category

The first one is a search on all the fields (title, author, content description, etc.); the list of results shows bullets with the covers of the books, once these have been digitized, just go to the tab of the book and click on the link “Consult document.”

The second one allows you to refine the search by selecting a theme, an author, a title, etc. The list of results shows a small orange icon that indicates the digitization of the book. Likewise, just go to the file of the book and click on the link “Consult document”.


What groups the “search by category”?
Category search allows you to navigate through the entries in a table of classification that takes up the four main categories, which derive in close sixty different themes.

How do I find digitized books only?
You can carry out a search in the digitized books by checking “Search only in the scanned documents” from the form of the “Search…” or that of the “Advanced search“.

How to search for a biography?
To find the biography of an author, you can use the Biography page of the site.