110 years ago

Find here, every fifteen days, the Sport Universel Illustré .

Between 1895 and 1936, the magazine Le Sport Universel Illustré was the sports and athletes magazine. For forty years (with the exception of the years during Great War between 1915 and 1920) the chroniclers and photographers accounted the events, performances and discoveries of the time. The horse, through the races, the equestrian sports – especially military, of the great hunt; it occupied since then, a place proposing in said publication.

One hundred years later (1919), the bi-monthly publication of Le Sport Universel Illustré , brings as a testimony today’s image of l’Equipe newspaper.

Here we have it, exclusively for you, in free circulation in the World Horse Library .

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<p><a class="bouton" href="http://kpdn-bmc.unicaen.fr/fr/p/151/le-sport-universel-illustre-1909.html">1909</a></p>

<p><a class="bouton" href="http://kpdn-bmc.unicaen.fr/fr/p/152/le-sport-universel-illustre-1910.html">1910</a></p>

<p><a class="bouton" href="http://kpdn-bmc.unicaen.fr/fr/p/153/le-sport-universel-illustre-1911.html">1911</a></p>

<p><a class="bouton" href="http://kpdn-bmc.unicaen.fr/fr/p/154/le-sport-universel-illustre-1912.html">1912</a></p>

<p><a class="bouton" href="http://kpdn-bmc.unicaen.fr/fr/p/155/le-sport-universel-illustre-1913.html">1913</a></p>