Updates and developments

The database is progressively enriched with new data sets, processed and integrated in successive batches. The data is in xml-ead and xml-tei format, after a phase of alignment with existing data and enrichment according to authority records (Rameau, VIAF, SUDOC, IdRef, etc.).

Here are the main evolutions of the successive versions of the World Horse Library, as well as the main lines of the roadmap for future developments.

The current data perimeter (March 2024):

For the next rounds of data integration, we are preparing the following resources:

  • IFCE (French Institute of Horse and Riding) (continuation)
  • F.-H. Huth, Works on Horses and Riding (1887) and Works on Horsemanship and Fencing (1890) (continuation)
  • J.-L. Gouraud, Bibliographie équestre (2018-), (continuation)
  • Fund “Horse” of the Deauville Media Library
  • Fund “Horse” of the National Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort
  • Equestrian Fund of the Quirinal Palace (Rome) (continuation)
  • Torrecilla, Index of Spanish and Portuguese equestrian bibliography (1921)
  • The Fairman Rogers collection at the University of Pennsylvania (continuation)
  • The bibliography of the Essentials of La Mission française pour la culture équestre (2024)
  • Fund " Cavalls-Equitacio " of the University of Barcelona (2023)

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