The Fragonard Museum, a journey through time

The national school of Alfort hides an impressive museum. Created by Claude Bourgelat, founder of the first veterinary schools in the world, it would be one of the oldest museums in France (1766). It is a kind of natural history office, where teachers came to borrow the elements to teach in their classes. There are examples of comparative anatomy among the main mammals, a room of skeletons, pieces that illustrate pathologies that produce chills, fun or surprise. Honoré Fragonard, cousin of the famous painter, gave his name to this museum, where his incredible skinned characters continue to provoke feelings of confusion.

Thanks to the showcases, the texts of the veterinary manuals of the Library seem to have a life of their own. If you want to know what a Charlier horseshoe or mobile ankle look like, just look at the large collections of hardware. The overwhelming mortuary mask made by a veterinary student of a specimen with glanders is a clear example of the damage caused by the terrible epizootics that have done so much damage in the stables. The museum presents some classic anatomy models of Dr. Auzoux if the reader wishes to revise their hipology.

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