Exceptional manuscripts from around the world

The horse has always been the subject of reflection, long before the invention of the printing press. The numerous examples delight the curiosity of amateurs, whether they are interested in the caves decorated by the Magdalenians, the tablets engraved with calamus or the writings on parchment or fiber paper. This wealth comes from both the East and the West, and that is why we go from the cuneiform tablets of Kikkuli, the squire of the Hittite king, or fragments of the treatise of Simon of Athens, to the existence of the Indian equine Śālihotra cited in the Mahabharata, the poetry of Persian treatises, and the delicacy of ink drawings dating back to the Ming dynasty.

This great journey of knowledge reveals a deep mix. These ancient concerns seem so contemporary and prompt us to reflect on our roots, our journey with the horse. Manuscripts, theses and university works related to them, illuminated treatises on equestrianism, plates of bits for horses, but also recent manuscripts that present personal reflections of horsemen such as Henri Colbert or Étienne Beudant. The World Library of the Horse continues its inventory and its search for treasure in all the libraries of the world is fruitful in the image of this ancient miscegenation.

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