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The time to calibrate is approaching, eight days before a purge has to be made at sunset of the Moon, the Sign of Chancre or Scorpio to steal the blood.” (…) Once done, take two or three days after opening the two veins of the neck, the waning phase of the Moon in the sign of Chancre, Aquarius and Libra, or vein spurs. If it is done in Pisces, you have to let all the blood flow. It should be noted that I have used quite moderate doses in these recipes to avoid the mistakes that could cause indiscreet handling on a weak horse (…) .

Fortunately, these therapeutic practices lavished by Adlersflügel’s Winter ( New and Augmented Treaty , 1703) no longer have any effect. The Winter of Adlersflügel believed it was necessary to load “ young black mares in the signs of Saturn, Mars and Mercury ” to help ensure one good progeny. The moon is still given the virtue of conditioning the beginning of births. These great empirical principles are rooted in the seventeenth century and possibly even earlier. Lafon-Poulotie ( New Stables Regime , 1787) was surprised to find in the book by Alfonso Guerini ( Instructional Detail of the Stables , 1724) several passages on the influence of the stars: “(…) the mares that get pregnant in the crescent phase of the moon will not only produce a male, but the colt will be stronger, of better bearing and better characteristics than if it had been bred during the waning phase .” It also mentions the traditional use of talismans by the ancients. For example, to achieve weaning, it was necessary to work during the waning phase of the moon and tie a piece of deer horn to the colt’s neck…

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Le Traité de Winter de Adlersflügel

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