Black Beauty, a 141-year-old horse

Black Beauty, is the only novel by the English writer Anna Sewell. Since she could not walk without crutches, this young woman toured England and Europe in carriages. This aroused a great passion for horses. When her health problems increased and she had to lead a sedentary life, she found comfort in writing. It took her 6 years to write Black Beauty. Finally in 1877 it was published, and it was a denunciation against the mistreatment of horses. The book did not go unnoticed and crossed the English Channel where it was translated into French around 1890 when it already had the 19th edition. Anna Sewell could not enjoy this success. The poor woman died very shortly after its launch.

The story, written in the first person by a horse, is still a classic of juvenile literature and is still published in our time. Likewise, several adaptations have been made for film and television.

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