The horse of the atomic race

Henri Becquerel and Marie Curie opened a Pandora’s box when discovering the radioactivity of uranium and radium. As a result of their work, began the discovery of healing properties of said elements. At first they gave rise to great advances in medicine such as radiology or radiotherapy, and other versions were even more surprising. Until the in the 1930s, advertising announced the benefits of radioactive products for cure skin problems, creams and beauty products with rejuvenating effects, toothpaste, toning mineral water, chocolate…
Therefore it is not surprising that the veterinary world was also be interested in the subject.
It was the case of veterinarians Edmond Curot or Gabriel Petit who proposed coaches of racehorses using treatments based on ” ferruginous radioactive sludge”. However, information on the consequences on horses was not included. The “Veterinary Week” of June 28, 1913 praised rather the “simplicity, elegance and safety of these plasters and wrappers “of the tendons.
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