Lafosse’s horse medicine in color

If we are to believe General Mennessier de la Lance, we owe Lafosse junior (1738-1820) a “true monument to the global study of the horse”. His Cours d’Hippiatrique ou Traité complet de la Médecine des Chevaux (Course in Horse Medicine or Complete Treatise on Hipiatry), published in 1772, cost the author a fortune estimated at more than 70,000 pounds (equivalent to 800,000 euros today!). The paper was chosen with great care and the printing of the text, drawings and engravings were also of great quality. Harguiniez (who also did the plates for the Manège article in the “ Encyclopédie de Diderot et d’Allembert “) drew very detailed and softly colored plates. The book also has a large number of images.

Philippe-Étienne Lafosse taught horse medicine and anatomy to the marshals and officers of the Versailles riding school. That book brought him great recognition in Europe, making him forget a little his resentment towards Bourgelat who had closed the doors of the veterinary school of Alfort to him.

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Frontispice du Cours d'Hippiatrie de Lafosse
Frontispice du Cours d’Hippiatrie de Lafosse

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